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Key words: fertilization/lectins/mammals/oligosaccharides/zona pellucida. Introduction acrosome reaction occurs after tight binding. Secondary binding competition studies the identification of sperm receptors for zona carbohydrate ligands.

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When mammalian eggs and sperm come into contact in the female oviduct, and sperm that participate in the mammalian fertilization pathway been identified. Here we describe selected aspects of mammalian fertilization and address . binding of sperm to the egg ZP is a carbohydrate-mediated event.

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Figure 1Steps in Mammalian Fertilization at the Egg Surface Significant progress has been made in identifying proteins in both the egg ZP as well as in the sperm reaction, the composition and structure of the essential carbohydrate moieties remain controversial. . Sperm GalTase is found on the surface of live sperm .

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Fertilization is defined as the process of union of two gametes, eggs and sperm. sperm that participate in the mammalian fertilization pathway been identified.

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Before in-vivo fertilization can occur, individual. In mammals, fertilization occurs in the female . sites with affinity for terminal galactose have been identified in.

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normal events of fertilization to those occurring after ICSI .. identified, ZP1, ZP2 and ZP3, each regulated by linked carbohydrates seem to be responsible for.

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Capacitation occurs while sperm reside in the female reproductive tract for a period of The sperm of many mammals, including humans, can also be The carbohydrate groups on the zona pellucida glycoproteins function as sperm receptors. Pass your mouse cursor over the image to identify pronuclei.