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Hownam Grange sent these photos of Females for sale at Lockerbie on ( If anyone wants to show their sheep on the page please send photos and text.

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Show and Sale of NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT RAMS PARK .. Lot 61 Sire of dam Hownam Grange Landmaster Lot 62 Sire of of Sire: Whitchesters Minster Reg No: R Sire: Esk Regal Sire of Sire.

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Pedigree North Country Cheviot sheep from Greenbank Farm Patterdale by Cheviot world such as Hethpool, Attonburn, Hownam Grange and Stouphill just to.

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lot 51 – sold for a 1 shear from W & J Thomson Hownam Grange. North Country Cheviot Sheep Society. More about the breed from: Corinna Cowin.

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Hownam Grange NCH . The sale is confined to NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT HILL RAMS, of ONE SHEAR Sire Northhouse Regal.

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Lockerbie Main Sale of North Country Cheviot Hill Rams Hawick sold a Northhouse Regal sired ram for £ to Raehills Farms Ltd, Lockerbie. Also at the same money was W & J Thomson's Hownam Grange Senator.

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There was a very strong sheep entry, with the Cheviots having their national show. Watching Rosepark Trophy – Lynn Gregg – Jeanfield Regal Prince. Joe Walton Challenge Trophy – W & J Thomson, Hownam Grange.