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JD's holiday break & High Pitch Eric falling off the diet wagon Howard Stern - Howard Stern & Bradley Cooper: dueling Elephant Man .. Bradley stars in the new hit movie 'American Sniper', which is getting great reviews.

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Here is everything you need to know about Bradley Cooper, the A-lister to " Silver Linings Playbook, "Guardians of the Galaxy," and "American Sniper. . He told The Howard Stern Show in that he auditioned to play the lead The drastic transformation required a strict low-calorie diet, which Cooper.

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"American Sniper" director Clint Eastwood showed plenty of affection for Oscar- nominated star Bradley Cooper at Saturday's Producers Guild of America's “ Bradley was constantly eating — 8, calories a day,” Eastwood said, 'Lorena ' Director: Howard Stern Owes Lorena Bobbitt a Public Apology.

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His latest film American Sniper remains at the top of the box office with over $ million in worldwide sales.

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Shooting back: American Sniper star Bradley Cooper says the Bradley Cooper stars as Chris Kyle in American Sniper .. diet ahead of vacation She has lost a lot of weight on the Keto diet .. Olivia Munn reveals that Brett Ratner called before his Howard Stern apology and claimed his false statements.

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Bradley Cooper isn't too hard on the eyes, either. PM - 7 Jan . He told @ HowardStern abt high protein diet easy on kidneys. Gotta be.

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am; Wrap Up Show - More Bradley Cooper Discussions. 01/08/ Howard played a clip of Joey asking Eric about how his diet is going. Eric said it's Howard said he loved Bradley in American Sniper. He said it's.

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Cooper claims he's a huge HSS fan so that should've "Bradley, can you come to our table to say hello?" He was in for American Sniper.