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Howard Grosfield Howard heads up the American Express Canadian executive team and manages the company's Consumer Card . by the smartest, most capable, and most likeable people I have ever been exposed to in business .” Log in.

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Howard Grosfield currently serves as Executive Vice President of U.S. Consumer Marketing Services at American Express as well as a member of the.

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MARKHAM, ON, May 6 /CNW/ - Amex Bank of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Howard Grosfield to the position of President & CEO, Amex.

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Mr. Howard Grosfield served as the President and General Manager of Amex Canada, Inc. since May, Mr. Grosfield served as the Chief Executive Officer .

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Howard Grosfield is currently the Executive Vice President and General Manager , US Consumer Card Services at American Express in New York and serves on.

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President of American Express Howard Grosfield is photographed in Markham, Ont. Tuesday, May 29/ (Photo by Kevin Van Paassen/The.

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“Last year, Small Business Saturday inspired 95 million people to Shop Small1,” said Howard Grosfield, EVP, U.S. Consumer Marketing.

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Multi-Year Agreement Extends American Express Credit Card Partnership to continue this relationship into the future," said Howard Grosfield.

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Amex Bank of Canada sent out a notice this week along with a message from chief executive Howard Grosfield about the change.

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American Express Canada president and chief executive Howard Grosfield talks about his strategy for Amex Canada, the country's financial.