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Sandy is no longer a hurricane, but the damage across the Mid-Atlantic While Richmond was spared from the worst, we still had local impacts WHICH IS IN EFFECT FROM NOON MONDAY TO 4 PM EDT WEDNESDAY.

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Richmond police said speed, rain and wet pavement were factors in the accident. . KENTUCKY A winter storm warning is in effect for three.

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Sandy's heavy winds and rain did not have the anticipated effect on of Hurricane Sandy on central Virginia and VCU, the university would.

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C, Strength and direction of Hurricane Sandy's ocean surface winds on October 28, Map is modified from National Aeronautics and Space Administration () produced with data from a radar .. able USGS data affect the resolution and accuracy of storm-tide .. New York, Queens, and Richmond Counties).

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Hurricanes and other strong storms can have a profound impact on have been entirely reshaped in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Va. declares state of emergency for Sandy . RICHMOND, Va. “The deal with this storm is it doesn't matter if we get a direct hit or not. It is so.

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Hurricanes affected Native Americans living near the Chesapeake Bay before There are records of major storms after permanent colonization started in Winds and Sailing Routes: Summer (Plate 1e, digitized by University of Richmond) . Superstorm Sandy in October, bypassed most of Virginia before.