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How We Do Lyrics: This, is, how, we do / We make a move and act a fool while we up in the club / This, is, how, we, do / Nobody do it like we do it so show us.

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How We Do Lyrics: K. Dot / Dave / Watch how K. Dot move, something not like you / Have your gun Plus the kid married to rap, old cats need to renew ya vows.

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How We Do Lyrics: Cats hate me cause I mastered this / PD the one who brought class to this / I brought a brand new 6 just to blast my disc / Pockets fool of.

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This Is How We Do Lyrics: This is how we do / This is how we do / Sipping on Rosé / Silver Lake sun coming up all lazy (this is how we do).

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How We Do Lyrics: Yeah / Welcome / You are now in tune to the real / Hard truth - Soldiers / In about 2 seconds a soldier will began to speak / Welcome into Cali.

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Dis How We Do Lyrics: B.O.O. gets that dough / Blane rose gold while I got yo hoe / Don't even mention the flow / I don't even like rap / I just do it for the scrap.

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How We Do Lyrics: Ok the word around town rockie put it down / They been lookin' they been searchin' im the dopest that they found / Im about to be the king tell.

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How We Do Lyrics: Brand new Masi, I bought two / Brand new Rari, it go vroom, yeah, that's just how we do, ah / Money on my mind, it's stuck.