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Ballet tights for men are thicker than women's. Don't let anyone tell you women's tights are "unisex" unless you will accept a see-thru effect. Ballerinas wear their.

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A dance belt is a kind of specialized undergarment commonly worn by male ballet dancers to support their genitals. Most are similar in design to thong underwear. Dance belts were developed and considered desirable for male dancers and others to wear because (1) body-hugging ballet tights would otherwise reveal the contours of the male.

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Both male and female dancers wear tights causing a variety of responses ( especially for the men in tights) ranging from it being okay and esthetically pleasing to.

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Although most dance stores don't carry a very wide selection of men's dancewear , most should have a small section of men's tights and dance belts.

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Ballet tights. smooth rail [deleted] pm, 11 January I love to wear ballet tights. Especially colored tights from We love colors. Mstevens tights are the.

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Do any other men out there feel uncomfortable wearing tights in class? Tights and dance belts are a standard part of a male dancer's attire.

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“She said, 'Oh, I am just so uncomfortable watching men in tights,' can actually leave the dancer feeling more exposed than wearing tights.”.

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It would look in very poor taste. I can't imagine why any man would wear ballet tights without a dance belt. If you grow hair down there, and you're wearing dance.

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MEN IN BALLET SPANDEX LYCRA TIGHTS. K likes. All guys men in spandex ballet tights thongs speedos heroes underwear jeans unitards pantyhose.