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I downloaded gpSPhone, and it has listed that you can use a wiimote with it, but when you go into the updated app, there is no such option to.

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Hello good people of the Apple section, I come to you seeking help: Having recently purchased gpSPhone off of Cydia, I've been trying to get the Wiimote.

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Learn how to install ZodTTD's GpSPhone 8 Beta GBA emulator to play Gameboy WiiMote and Classic WiiMote support must be added.

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put your wiimote in its holster and pop your iphone 4 with its bumper case into the if you dont know how to play emulated games and get wiimote support its not a couple in the G section but you can download individual roms in gpsPhone.

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You can search for, and install, GBA ROMS from within the app—so, no need to open WiiMote and Classic WiiMote support must be added.

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Basically It's a guide of how to files with Cydia AutoInstall. i wish gpsphone would work on whited00r, wiimote support is fun.

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NOTE: WiiMote support requires an additional “BTstack” download. Install gpSPhone from Cydia using xSellize Repo procedure here for trial.