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I do plenty of door repairs and from the first time I use the Hinge Doctor Full Set I said to myself why did I not have this too ten years ago. It is simple to use and.

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This is the HA1 Hinge Doctor, used on many " x " commercial hinges. This is the new version, that will work two ways, the standard way, or use a Crescent.

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If your door is sagging, it may just be that your hinges are worn. The full line of GKL Hinge Doctor tools are sturdy, and easy to use. Most hinges can be repaired .

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“I used to remove the hinges from the door and put them in a vise to bend them back to their original condition. Now I use the Hinge Doctor and what used to take .

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GKL Products Catalog Hinge Doctor® Instructions HA2 Hulk Instructions Bridge® Instructions Herculock Instructions ADD1 Instructions. PRODUCTS.

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Sagging doors repaired in seconds! We are very serious need to see and use it to believe it Hinge Doctor, Commercial, for 4 1/2" standard weight.

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Commercial "Hinge Doctor" Adjustment Tool; HA1. Picture of Commercial " Hinge Doctor" Adjustment Tool. GKL. Availability: 12 in stock. SKU: HA1. Your Price.

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Labor Saver #3: GKL Hinge Doctor | The Hinge Doctor from GKL is a great way to repair those sagging doors.