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You can add transitions to your media clips to enrich your production. CyberLink PowerDirector provides an array of transitions that can be used on or between.

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Then click on the "Transition Effects" button to specify the transition you want to add. Remember to click on the checkmark for each photo image.

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PowerDirector 13 adds flexibility and fun to create transition effects from images. In this.

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Easy to change duration, etc. but can't seem to find a way to add a Fade transition to multiple photos. I'm doing a video with HUNDREDS of.

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Transitions can only be applied if the clips/images are abutted. Full linked Tutorial Catalog PDtoots happily supports fellow PowerDirector.

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To save your own custom presets in the Effects Browser, use DissolveMaster controls How to Apply DissolveMaster to Create PowerDirector Title Transitions .

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Software tutorials for PowerDirector. POWER DIRECTOR - TRANSITIONS How to use and modify 7 evaporate transitionsOverview of the seven transitions.