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Thereby, the use of AmQuel Plus greatly reduces the need for continual water changes, and provides far better water conditions for fishes, aquatic invertebrates .

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So why does Kordon continue producing regular Amquel, if AmQuel Plus is To prevent a pH drop, use either Kordon's AmQuel Plus Buffers (which is regular.

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Kordon amquel plus 16oz; Safe to use with other water conditioners and organic herbal fish medications; Removes/detoxifies toxic. Compare with similar items.

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I'm new to using this to treat water for water changes. Let's say I Do I add the amQuel plus to the tap water that's sitting there? How long to I let.

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Kordon® Amquel Plus Ammonia Detoxifier at PetSmart. Shop all fish water care & conditioning online.

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Buy Kordon AmQuel Plus Ammonia Detoxifier Aquarium Water I use kordon amquel each time water change is required to kill traces of.

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Water treated with AmQuel® Plus cannot be accurately tested using Nessler's type ammonia tests or Winkler type D.O. kits. The amounts of toxic components.

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Has anyone used Amquel Plus? AmQuel Plus removes nitrate. Using Kordon's AquaTru nitrite and nitrate test kits, we conducted some.

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Protects fish and invertebrates by quickly and effectively eliminating nitrite, nitrate , and all forms of ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine in both fresh and salt.

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AmQuel Plus Instant Water Detoxifier: Eliminate deadly chlorine or Item: If you wish to ship via Expedited or Air service, additional shipping charges will apply.