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For every person you have taking creatine the right way, there are probably two who aren't. Unfortunately, creatine is one supplement that must.

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When do you take creatine? After a workout? Before? What the science says about this supplement might surprise you.

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This is a great thing for us, because we can see scientifically proven facts that the use of creatine monohydrate is safe, and delivers improved gains in muscle.

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One research group suggested that creatine supplementation may increase While people who take creatine may experience some of these.

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Creatine has been proven in hundreds of studies to be one of the few supplements out there that actually works. However, it's important to know how to use.

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Some prefer taking creatine prior to working out. Before training, it makes sense to load your muscle cells with this brilliant supplement to reap.

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Creatine is an odorless, virtually tasteless, white powder that looks like sugar. The reason for the varied timing of taking creatine is that it works almost any time .