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Augmented triads use, effectively, a major third stacked on another major third. Thus there are really only 4 of them. E,g, C-E-G# is the make-up.

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The raised fifth in the augmented chord leads into the major third in the . They also use the whole tone scale (harmonised) for an amazing run.

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When using the wholetone over an augmented chord try starting the phrase with the 9th or b7, it sounds better then starting on the root.

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Classical metal players use diminished chords too (I am talking about you, YJM), but the augmented chords get forgotten. Are these because it.

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By Desi Serna. Voice leading on the guitar is a technique where a set of chord changes includes notes that lead from one chord to the next. Augmented chords .

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Augmented chords are another type of chord that you can use as passing chords on the guitar, though they can also function as dominant chords. Basically.

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When do you use augmented chords? I know diatonic theory pretty well, and from that, can see that in the harmonized major scale, there are no.