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Immediately after removing a hair weave, learn what to do next to avoid right up into a matted nightmare that you may never get untangled.

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Now that you've removed your hair weave, what do you do next? Before Detangle your hair with your fingers before moving on to a comb.

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Umm I have never had a problem with tangles after a weave. When I used a detangling spray my hair was soft, untangled and I could comb it. be it because and don't use poo to wash my hair after removing the weave.

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What is the Best Way to Detangle your hair after. . When I'm removing cornrows from a weave or being under a wig, I saturate each cornrow.

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Hair extension installation supplies for Tape-ins, Weaves, Flex-Tip Have you ever gotten into a jam after you've taken out an extension When they were removed, the hair was tangled and she made the The only caveat - make sure not to get the still tangled hair damp or it will be harder to untangle.

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There is nothing worse than matted hair extensions & weave! However, it is best to use on dry hair extensions after detangling your hair with a comb to.

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Most people think that removing knots and tangled braids has to be done at a salon or Crumble the substance with your fingers after it's frozen and then use .

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After I took the cornrows out, there were no tangles, but once I hit the shower . detangle and remove the shed hair before getting your hair wet.

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It's Time to Remove Shed Hair and Untangle Your Locks! After you've successfully removed your hair extensions, it's time to get rid of your shed hair! If you want.

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There are women who prefer going back to braids or weaves immediately they Detangle: You must detangle your hair using your fingers or hair conditioner.