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Between and , the Cummins 24v engine blocks with casting # 53 were manufactured by the Brazilian company, TUPY. The # 53 block casting has inherently thin water jacket walls that are susceptible to cracking. It has been approximated that some , 24 valve Cummins ISB.

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As the title states, how do I know if the truck has a 53 or 55 block. Is there a way to tell in the vin? Or do you have to get under truck to look. I'm.

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I put together this FAQ about the 53 block found in Cummins ISB engines on the side of the block and is used to identify the problem blocks.

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Say you only drive to work and back and occ. drag race, you might not ever crack. . Cummins data indicates that failures of the #53 cylinder block in ISB.

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Performance and Accessories 2nd gen only - 53 block - i have 2 vin #s that id like to run to see if they are the 53 blocks or not. anyone know how to find out. someone in cummins the 53 is on the bottom front driver side just.

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Hi, I'm lookin to buy a truck, how do I ID the #53 block that is supposed to suck? They say long warmup times may help but it is a defective block and I don't big block cummins maybe a million miles but i dont believe these.