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Jive talk, Harlem jive or simply Jive, also known as the argot of jazz, jazz jargon, vernacular of the jazz world, slang of jazz, and parlance of hip, was the.

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Convert from English to Jive Speak. Jive talk (or Harlem Jive) was the distinctive slang which developed in Harlem, NY and subsequently adopted more widely.

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Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary was published in , at the height of the swing and jive eras; it might not tell you how to twerk, but only a drip.

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Jive can mean to talk or chat. Jiving means to talk nonsense, to be deceptive, or nonsensical. "You aint Jiving man?" That would be the same as, "Is that the truth .

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'Sorry, Charlie!' Source: “Charlie's Angels” (TV series, ). One could argue that this catch-phrase-turned-put-down originated with the.

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If “it” in your question is for the phrase "jive talking'", it is slang for "telling lies", which was a popular But "jive talk" certainly predates the '70's.

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Since we are in a 70's vibe tonight, thought I'd drop some Jive talk from The 70's Soul Experience Liner notes air out: v. to run baby: n, a word.

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Like a whole other language in the 70's's. Here is a 1) pointless or deceptive talk/rhetoric. v.:"Quit jivin' me second chap~ Sir, are you talking jive to me?.

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The seventies get a bad rap. When people talk about the decade, they focus on all the embarrassing stuff like Pet Rocks, Watergate, shag.

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Here is a dictionary for those who are challenged to jive talk. Although this dictionary is not % percent accurate because of regions and dialect but I thought.