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This article explains how to get the Twitch app on your PS4 and how to and the option to display your viewers' comments on your stream.

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There's plenty of advice out there on the internet targeted at new streamers, but this is a consolidated PS4 streaming guide for new gamers on.

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Find out what you need to know to start a Twitch stream using only your PlayStation 4 console with easy-to-follow steps for beginners.

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Hi everyone! I'm looking to start streaming directly from my ps4 since I dont have a pc rig beefy enough to run the games I want to play. I wanted.

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Select "Broadcast Gameplay"; Select the service you wish to stream to ( or UStream); Link your Twitch / UStream profile to your PS4.

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Double-check that the game being displayed on Twitch is valid. When streaming your PS4 needs the fastest upload speed possible.