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Some of you may already use this move in your regular dribble move bag of tricks , but here's a simple tip for creating space off the dribble for.

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I just managed to get my hands on this game over the Steam sales weekend and it is my first time playing a NBA 2K series game. I can't seem.

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In my player mode I give myself space for a three by I doing a step back move( hold L2 and move the left stick back or just move the left stick back) and there will .

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NBA 2K14 Advanced Controls Guide Stepback Jumper . If you haven't yet, take a look at the first footage for the PS4 and Xbox One options.

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NBA 2K14 has addictive gameplay that makes you want to master the inner workings of the control system. The realism and new animations.

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Download tutorial KILLER STEPBACK JUMPER for NBA 2K14 at ModdingWay. Patches, Mods, Updates, Cyber Faces, Rosters, Jerseys, Arenas for NBA 2K NBA 2K15 PS4 - Bulls Vs. Lakers - Full Game Gameplay Check out this great.

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Pre-order Anthem for PS4 or Xbox One, Get a $10 Gift Card stick in the opposite direction and your player will perform a Stepback Jumper.

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NBA 2K14 Kobe with a fake pass & step back shot of the Los Angeles Lakers makes a fake pass and hits a step-back jumpshot in NBA 2K14 (current-gen). NBA 2K18 Patch #3 Release Notes (PS4/Xbox One/PC/Switch).