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(d) One pair of pliers (e) Fillet gloves (f) A sharp knife. (g) A few nails. Never attempt to skin a catfish with a dull knife or you will be severely cut in the process. 3.

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It could puncture your skin and depending on the species of catfish, it may contain a part of the skin back with your finger before gripping it with a pair of pliers.

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How to clean a catfish quickly and easily without skinning them. colorful comments and a whole rash of those PETA types that have an issue with everything.

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Some people believe that skinning catfish is more difficult than cleaning other types of fish, but And a pair of strong pliers (consider purchasing special catfish skinning pliers in sporting goods sections if you are going to catch catfish on a.

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Results 1 - 18 of 18 Type: Skinning Pliers. FAST 'N DOLPHIN CATFISH SKINNING PLIERS. $ Fish Skinner Skinning Pliers Brand New Made In USA.

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Knowing how to clean a fish is essential for anglers and aspiring chefs. fillet knife; Scaling tool (or butter knife); Cooler of ice; Platter for clean fish . Note: Depending on the type of fish, you may need to contend with spines.

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In any case, if you search the website with the words skinning pliers, I have an electric fillet knife and after a few practice fish, you can fillet a bunch I used to have a pair of those kind of skinners with the cutter hooks on the.