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by the within Certificate, and do hereby irrevocably constitute and appoint Date when signed EXAMPLE OF HOW TO ENDORSE CERTIFICATE BACK.

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Take your stock certificates to your financial institution. Sign your name on the back of the stock certificates exactly as it is appears on the front. Enter the name of.

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shares of the common stock represented by the within Certificate and do hereby irrevocably 3 [Sign your name exactly as it appears on the face of the.

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Sign your name on the back of the certificate. If the back of your stock certificate includes fields (spaces) for data other than your signature and the name of the.

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You can deposit stock certificates directly into your Fidelity Account using Please sign the back of the certificate exactly as your name appears on the front of.

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The signatures can be placed either on the actual stock certificate or on a Stock and giving the person signing the right to represent the owner must be attached. We will mail your new certificates back to you via the US Postal Service's first.

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Transferring a stock certificate that is in the donor's name requires one of the following actions: Sending the unendorsed certificate along with a signed stock.

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When a company sells stocks they are not required to buy back the stock You will need to sign the back of the stock certificate in order to redeem it and then.

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This certificate is used to document each stockholder's capital stock and includes important legends Customize and Send for Signing This certifies that Stock Holder is the record holder of No. of Shares (written in text) (No. of Shares-.

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Though actual stock certificates are long gone, they have an However, the history of the stock certificate is full of interesting facts dating back to of a company and were considered a sign of prestige, if not wealth.