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Make sure, before you sharpen the blades of your bolt cutters, that they are free from debris and dirt. Brush the jaws, then wipe them down with a clean cloth.

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A common misunderstanding about bolt cutters is that they have extraordinarily sharp blades which can only be sharpened with special tools. In reality, their cutting power comes from the enormous mechanical advantage generated by their lever-like handles. Wipe or scrub away.

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Open the blades of the bolt cutters as far as you can and set them in a stable position. Your lap is a good option, as you can grip them with your knees to keep .

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How to Sharpen Your Bolt Cutters | If your jaws are chipped or broke out in a few places I really doubt if one can sharpen them.

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I inherited these from my pops, and I think he got them in the late 70's. Can these blades be sharpened or do I have to replace them? They have.

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The cutter head and blades are opened by pulling apart the handles of the bolt cutter. You should have the cutter blades as far apart as possible before you.