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Click the layout tab for which you want to set the paper size. Click Output tabPlot panelPage Setup Manager. Find In the Page Setup Manager.

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To Set the Overall Dimension Scale. Products and versions covered. Advance Related Concepts. About Setting the Scale for Dimensions.

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You can specify the size of dimensions in your drawing. How you set dimension size depends on the method you use to lay out and plot.

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On the Selection tab, change the Pickbox Size by moving the slider. On the Display tab, change the Crosshair Size by entering a number or moving the slider . To Select Objects · To Change Object Selection Settings.

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As you can see in the above image I have set the plotter as “DWG to PDF” and the paper size to ISO A3. Once your happy with the settings click.

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If you look at the dialogue box above, you will see that it is possible to enter your own "USER" paper sizes which can be set as true ISO sizes. In this example the.

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There are two ways to changing the length of a a line in AutoCAD. First you can use commands such as trim, extend and stretch etc. to alter the length of the line.