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This happens because the information stored by Flash Player is not.

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Yes, the limit is 5MB per domain. Your string can be as long as you want. The total usage must, however, be under 5 MB.

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The browser, however, will not expunge the data in LocalStorage and SessionStorage. user is actively running more than five offline apps that are each using the maximum storage. It is set in the manifest file and must be granted by users.

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TL;DR: we have to stop advocating localStorage as a great opportunity for (this could set a dangerous precedent though); Change the localStorage spec to .. is a real concern too, but this is obviously capped to a 5mb max.

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localStorage. Accuracy is 2 first Test of localStorage limits/quota. Important update: is in kilobytes. AFAIK, there's no way to adjust quotas for Chrome/ Safari/IE.

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Learn how to use localStorage & sessionStorage and replace cookies The maximum amount of data you can store locally depends on the browser. All cookies expire at some point, but people tend to set lifetime to a few.