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(note: i also put a white layer behind the lines at this point bc it's all the coloring on other, non-linework layers, the lines will stay safe, and you'll be fine. you can make a photoshop action of the channel-selecting through.

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Learn how to select pixels to isolate parts of your image in Adobe There are commands in the Select menu to select, deselect, or reselect all.

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In Adobe Photoshop, learn how to select multiple layers to perform activities To select all layers of a similar type (for example all type layers).

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photoshop line art transparent background to to make Step 2. Select the whole picture with Control-A. Copy it. photoshop line art select all.

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And then at the top line of the screen (right under the menus) you'll see as " group" and all the layers inside that rectangular will be selected.

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Join Deke McClelland for an in-depth discussion in this video, Selecting all the black lines, part of Photoshop CC One-on-One: Fundamentals.

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So why bother learning them all when you can just get really good at using one? We'll start with the most basic selection tool in Photoshop: the Grab the Lasso Tool and hold down Option to draw straight lines with the.

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SELECT EVERYTHING ON YOUR LAYER IN ONE CLICK you can put a selection around every object on that layer by holding the Command key Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book ( Release); By Andrew.