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Murata's Products. - Selection Guide. Selection Guide. - Selection Guide of Thermistors - Please select and click the feature you are looking for. NTC thermistors flexible lead type for temperature sensing Design Support Data.

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Check if the outline dimensions of the selected PTC are within the The switch temperature is quoted in the relevant data sheets. For each.

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An essential parameter for the function and selection of a PTC thermistor fuse . In the data sheets a maximum permissible switching current ISmax is stated for.

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EPCOS AG Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this publication , enclosures hereto and the information contained therein without EPCOS' prior.

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(PTC) Thermistor Products . choose PTCs in instances where overcurrent events are .. (Refer to Table on Page 3 and specifications with Data Sheets). 3.

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PTC = Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistors. That is, the . Why – enables Thermometrics to pick a suitable part number for the .. The PTC fuse data.