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Learn how to say the Chinese phrase for Please stop here with standard Mandarin pronunciation. Free Mandarin phrases with pinyin and literal translation.

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Chinese Translation of “stop it!” | The official Collins English-Chinese Dictionary online. Over Chinese translations of English words and phrases.

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Picture this, if you are in a library, metro, or cinema and meet some people talking too loud, what will you say to stop them? “Please be quiet” or “be quiet.

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In this post I want to explain how you say please, thank you, sorry and excuse me in Chinese. These may seem like very simple words that should have simple.

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In Mandarin, there isn't a specific word that matches the meaning of “no” in English. Instead, the words you use depend on the context and.

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They are used when you want to say “don't do this, don't do that” or “stop after viewing the lesson, as 'stop forgetting'. example: please stop forgetting to do it.

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You know how to say 你好 nǐhǎo hello, 谢谢 xièxie thank you, 不客气 búkèqi you' re welcome, and 请 qǐng please in Mandarin Chinese, but.

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Want to know how to be courteous in Mandarin? I tried to ask several people how to say 'please' and although I was taught 请(qǐng), . You get onto the metro, and of course, the stop before yours, 10 people get onto the.