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Include all top-level directories with /*/ (so that rsync will traverse /etc and /home when looking for files to copy) and second-level directories.

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indeed the rsync command works with multiple directories but run from the command line, what I was trying to achieve was using Grsync to.

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Directly from the rsync man page: The syntax for requesting multiple files from a remote host is done by specifying additional remote-host args.

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You can come up with a command to parallelize multiple rsync runs, which would be N times faster if you're writing to N disks at the same time.

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If you're doing this frequently, I'd also suggest handling this through scripting. If the destination root is always the same, such as: rsync.

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Rsync is a simple tool for intelligently syncing local and remote directories. We will create two test directories and some test files with the following commands: . Is it possible to backup multiple folders are once over SSH?.

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I would like to find and backup all *.mp4 files from /Pictures and its sub-directories and move them to a single directory on a remote. I can find.

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OK I feel really dumb. Before I even posted this question my friend showed me how to do it and it is really simple. To exclude multiple.