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If your hard drive cannot be recognized by BIOS either in PC, you have a big trouble. Find solutions here in this article to repair and restore not.

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If one finds that their hard disk is not detected by the system BIOS, the drive is spinning or not while fixing the scenario where the hard disk is.

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Tips and tricks for troubleshooting a Serial ATA or ATA/IDE internal drive that is not detected in the BIOS.

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If this is the case for you and your external hard drive is not showing up, you could have an issue with the power cable. Try plugging it into another power outlet.

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i have a segate hdd 80 gb this is nit detacted please help me. i try everything in bios but the hdd is crashed so help me to repair the hdd.

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I had a perfectly functioning computer. I have no backup of any kind. I rebooted the computer and the hard drive is not being recognized.

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Trying to use second hard drive but your computer isn't able to detect the second one, after Windows 10 upgrade? Don't worry. We came up.

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Hi, I think i'm way too late but just in case, go to the BIOS setup and change the disk controller settings from AHCI to IDE. Might be worth the try.

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In this case, the “ Hard drive not detected ” error is a false positive caused by a faulty connection. Fixing the connection can resolve your data loss situation and .