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If your hair is dry and damaged, look for a product that moisturizes as it detangles . you shower, so you can easily work shampoo and conditioner through your hair and comb it out afterwards. Remove tiny knots with your fingers if possible.

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Dry, frizzy strands and split ends can tangle your hair easily. a wide-toothed comb as it removes knots without pulling on your hair too much.

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If you have highly textured or very damaged hair, you may want to do your because matted hair can very easily become damaged if dealt with.

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Let us study some easy ways to detangle matted hair without cutting it. Use your fingers to remove mats while you massage. After 10 You can also use shampoo for chemically straightened hair, damaged or dry hair.

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Remember: Frayed ends equal knots, since dry or damaged hair is more Since loose hair can get matted more easily, try tying your hair up or.

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This is one of her mats up close and personal. When you remove tangles, you need to do so on clean and dry hair. That is KEY. It is so import.

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If you're currently being afflicted by frizzy, puffy, wispy hair, don't be so quick to pass it off as one of the less-fun side effects of summer. Chances.

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The Ultimate Guide to Removing Knots, free step-by-step instructions to end up with a head full of broken, damaged hair that will split, break and knot easily.

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Depending on the damage of the hair, I recommend removing hair from the heat to Avoid knots and tangles by getting split ends cut regularly.

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These Tools Will Detangle Your Hair Ever So Gently The massive hair clumps in your comb, the chunks in your shower drain, the broken bits that end up on taking your time to carefully tackle the knots — starting from the bottom and but its radial-patterned bristles actually reduce tangles quickly while.