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So does he genuinely think Tupac could be alive, living in secret somewhere? " With Pac Fans also say Tupac gave away clues in his songs.

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The did-he, didn't-he mystery that surrounds the death of Tupac Shakur is In a series of increasingly eerie messages, the younger Knight claimed that “Tupac is alive”, before posting a .. I gotta find a way, that is what I say.

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THE CONSPIRACY theory that Tupac is alive will never die. Doubters say it's pretty strange the rapper seems to have hardly aged since the.

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He was a badass rapper but too many dumbasses just say "yo tupac is tight yo fa sho hes alive" Tupac is my favorite rapper because his words were poetry, and.

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Tupac Shakur, a highly successful American hip hop artist, was fatally shot on September 7th, . He was pronounced dead at pm (PDT). In , a police officer who claimed he witnessed Shakur's last moments said Shakur refused to state who shot.

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PETALING JAYA: There have been numerous conspiracy theories about Tupac Shakur's death in the past 22 years, with some claiming that the.

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Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead on September 13, , at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. He was shot four times on his way to.

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Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead after he was gunned down outside a talk of a conspiracy by claiming Tupac is alive and living in Cuba.

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Suge Knight's son says Tupac Shakur is 'alive in Malaysia' The controversy began when a picture of the words “Tupac is alive,” . all over 2pac being alive or dead just like elvis i bet some people say hes still alive hahah.