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So the day or night before the BC wash and condition your hair thoroughly, moisturize it and twist it. The Day Of The Big Chop With your twists.

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When it comes to the big chop knowledge is power. As I mentioned in episode 1 of my Afro Hair Series, I didn't adequately prepare for my big.

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The big chop is the act of taking your natural hair journey from transitioning to officially natural in only minutes. Get started right now with this guide.

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You have to see: Natural Hair Starter Kit: Tools and Products (Natural Hair Care for Beginners) Well congratulations! You just got your big chop.

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If you've never had short hair before, the big chop can be something that or just cut your hair in a bob for the time being, preparing yourself for.

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In today's post, we will be discussing how to prepare yourself and your natural hair for the life-changing decision of a big chop. For some.

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I tried doing a search on "big chop" and didn't find the threads I needed. Then I tried doing a search on "BC" and it said it was too common.