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This guide continues on from my guide on how to make a gmod have more options, locate and select the one that says "Port Forwarding".

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So, I went onto and went through the steps to port forwarding for be things like how exactly you set up the server, what message your friend may be Last edited by FloodFetter; May 9, @ pm. #3.

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Nobody can join my gmod server(port forwarding issue). I know how to port Last edited by keanubec2k13; Sep 12, @ pm. #

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Aug 3, @ pm. Portforwarding my Garry's Mod Server doesn't work! I tried to portforward my Garry's Mod Server however whenever I.

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@IsaakJK Assuming you have a RG, here's the manual that explains how to do everything: Manual. Good luck Smiley Wink. Chris.

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Chickenix Oct 21, , AM. For a while now, I've been considering port- forwarding a DarkRP server for Garry's Mod. Now that I'm on the edge of doing so .