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And the Router device you have does PPP(connecting to your ISP). If that is the case, simply set up the port forwarding on the modem and all.

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Hi guys: I've been having some problems trying to forward some ports, I will try to explain what I have configured: I have an ADSL modem and a.

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Port forwarding opens specific ports on your router so that networking applications can work. This is an easy-to-follow guide to opening router.

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The modem (and the router) have to be set to forward all traffic on the specific port to the computer with the software which uses these ports for its communication.

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How to forward ports in a network with more than one router. Port forwarding behind two routers can be tricky but we will show you how!.

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In some cases, however, you need to tell your router to open up a certain port so a program won't be blocked. This is called port forwarding.

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One of the most common issues people encounter is when they have more than one router hooked up. Sometimes people don't realize their modem is also a.