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It's satisfying to achieve a perfect run on a surf map, using smooth swipes with . community have lingered in its predecessor: Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S).

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A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Map in the Surf Style category, Well , I'm not really a surf map player so I fall on my first jump. The thing I knew I was .. i think you mean the light grey texture, which i used for the ramp-borders.

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Today i will be teaching you how to surf!.

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Steam Workshop: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is a collection of maps I would like to host on my dedicated server.

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Learn how to become a pro "surfer" in Counter-Strike Source with the CS surf If there's none around when you look, download the maps yourself and load a.

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The surfers nick is Seb, he's mostly on the KSF servers on css. Play surf_beginner and try to finish that map within 1 minute. .. I particularly love how you accentuated the borders of a "window", it takes away a lot of.

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I stumbled on some pixel art while surfing around CodePen and it reminded margin-top: 8em; Here's an example by Una Kravets that takes it a step further in creating the box shadow with a Sass map, which is pretty darn clever: Editors note: this post is just an experiment to play with new CSS.

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We run a fun/competitive CS:S pub server, but this will be more for fun. the server is running surf maps all day long and some times we put on.