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I have seen many people asking how to play 'Infected' game mode so i am writing this to show you how to do it. #1: Start up a 'Private Match'.

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Another Private Match Mode! You start with everyone on the same team. Then one member is selected to be "Infected" and is then on the other.

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Modern Warfare 3 Forum Infected, or as some people call is Infection is a private game mode you play with your friends and others, as 1 player is randomly selected as the infected it is his or her job to infect the other players.

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On Xbox and Ps3 everyone can play Infected online. On PC, you can only play it in a private match!? Why can't we just play it Modern Warfare 3 Forum.

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I heard (this may be wrong) that every month the community playlist changes, but right now it is infected. The only other game mode they have had so far was.

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I'm pretty sure its private match only but its really fun if you going to play it with your buds I would recommend a striker extended mags and damage or.