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How to Multitask on an Android. If your Android device is running Android +, you can use the Recent Apps list to enable Multi-Window mode. Multi-Window.

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However, in Android Pie, Google has changed the way you multitask. While the basic functionality is the same i.e. you can switch between.

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Well, if you use an Android phone, you’re in luck: Newer versions of Android allow you to easily multi-task with split-screen mode. Android has officially offered a split-screen mode for smartphones since Google released Android Nougat in The introduction of Android.

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multitask apps. The red system bar indicates that you're hunting for a second app to go split-screen with. Once you find the app that you want to.

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Android N has been available in the form of a Developer Preview now for a Tap it multiple times until it says “Congratulations, you are now a.

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Google has made changes to the way split-screen multitasking works in the latest Android P developer preview. Instead of having to drag and.

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Of all the mobile versions of multi-tasking I've used, the Android N multi-window mode shows the most promise. If you happen to be working.