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Although cement and sand will each work on their own or mixed everything to dry completely if it is damp, otherwise the sand won't fill cracks.

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It has all the ingredients dry mixed together for making concrete, i.e. the cement, sand and stone. All you have to do is put it into a bucket.

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WESTBUILD General Purpose Sand & Cement is a blend of clean, sharp sand If the Sand & Cement mix has started to dry before placement, then under no.

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Is there any reason why I couldn't take the same approach with a sand/cement mix? i.e. Mix it in an appropriate ratio, but dry spread it on top of.

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We have always laid slabs on a bed of sand with some dry concrete lightly mixed in on top. It was someone who lays pathways etc for a living.

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Mix the dry ingredients. Using a shovel, smaller bucket or scoop, put three parts sand and one part cement into a mixing tub or trough, wheelbarrow, cement.

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The correct mixing ratio would be — 1 cement: sand: 1 gravel Dry concrete will dry very strong but it needs careful placing and.