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My old project "Garbage queens", that i made from trash bags and jewelery made of silk ribbons and washers, that i took from my father's stuffPhoto-Galina.

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Get a large black garbage bag with flaps. Decorate with a logo. Instant cape. ( You can get creative with the rest of the costume) You can also do this with a.

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If you say Ke$ha at the MVAs you saw her new look: a dress made from a trash bag! Well, if you're looking to create something cool for less than $2, check out.

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But it's also true that one woman's trash bag is another woman's dress. Using a few simple household items, you can turn a seemingly useless garbage bag into .

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For the more artistically inclined, you can make a sushi costume out of two white pillows with a garbage bag tightly wrapped around. Wear a.

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DIY last minute Halloween costume ideas, made out of trash bags, on!.

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Not sure what to be for Halloween? Here are easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tips for creating Halloween costumes out of trash bags by Glad.

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See more ideas about Recycled fashion, Trash bag dress and Recycled materials. Trash Bag Dress, I Can Do It, Recycled Fashion, Female Fashion, Fashion.

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For the unbelievers, please turn your attention to the year-old YouTube sensation, who made a trash bag prom dress DIY video that could.