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STEP2= Connect USB cable to computer and to the PSP E What are you saying man PSP E/ PSP Street does not have wlan/wifi.

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How i do it?put wifi and internet browser inside my psp so it will be inside it so need USB mini adapter,a router,psp,computer or laptop with internet in it and a.

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There is no wlan switch on a PSP E, it has no wifi capabilities.

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That means no WiFi (= no internet), no built-in microphone, no video out then you'll need to get your hands on a slim & lite PSP x, which.

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Yes,we can connect but only if you have USB cable of follow my step. Connect USB cable to PSP and connect it to the TV,make sure that you have.

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Not content with the factory-installed Wi-Fi adapter in his PSP, Seth Fogie added Here he shows how you can do it, too. With it you can play games, listen to music, watch movies, view images, and even surf the internet.

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The PSP comes with built-in b wifi capability that lets you to play games with other PSP users nearby. It also connects to the Internet though you can't do.