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Make these Anthropologie bookends, which cost $, with just $40 worth of materials easily available at a hardware store or Hobby Lobby.

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If you're looking for DIY projects to make and sell, we recommend you take a second look at bookends! For starters, this is a great project.

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These bookends are made of rocks. If you want to create something similar you'll need rocks of different shapes and sizes, hot glue sticks, glue.

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Want to step-up your bookend game? Thankfully, we've rounded-up 40 of the most amazing DIY bookends that you can create yourself in no.

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DIY bookends | designlovefest Gold Diy, Diy Projects To Try, Craft Projects, Weekend. Gold DiyDiy Learn how to make these lovely DIY bookends for a fraction.

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Bookends can be expensive and boring - why not make your own? Here are some great ideas for creative and interesting DIY bookends.

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Here are some simple step-by-step instructions to make DIY bookends from glass vases that can be filled to suit your own taste and style.

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Think something small and easy can't make a big impact on the look and feel of your space.

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Fancy bookends look great on bookshelves, but sometimes you might want your books to stand upright on their own. Author Jack Heath shows.