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If you want to learn how you too can learn to make a movie you'll find this film and Hello Josh and thank you for talking with us about your first feature film.

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How to Make a Feature Film for $ (Hint: Look on Craigslist) I knew there would be many risks shooting a feature film without a standard . Violence Beyond the Movies: Why This Filmmaker Loves Guns and Doesn't.

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Back in the early '90s, making a movie for $5, was the stuff of legend. Nowadays, that number is practical. My first feature, “The Great.

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Driving out of NYC, my mind wanders while waiting for the construction traffic to clear out. And that's when I decide I'm going to make a feature length movie.

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Everyone feels they have a good idea for a movie. I have, since as long as I could remember. Also, like everyone else, I never pursued it.

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Broadly speaking (and this is a quite obvious statement), what determines your cost is what you can get for free, and you could make a free film if you did without .

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A feature film or theatrical film is a film with a running time long enough to be considered the . The latter starring actor Frederick Warde starred in some of these movie adaptations. Digital film making was given a big boost in when the Digital Cinema Initiative created a guide for manufacturers to create a universal.

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I've been making movies with my 5 Doctors co-directors/co-writers/co-everythings , Matt Porter and Phil Primason, since we were kids. Phil and I.