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Two weeks into living in Malaysia, I stumbled upon something called a banana leaf rice meal, and I was fascinated. Do what the locals do, right.

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The tradition of having banana leaf rice comes from Southern India where rice is more commonly consumed compared to 'roti' or naans. Due to.

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Banana leaf serves many purposes in Asian cooking. Find out how to buy banana leaf, how to cook with it, and how to store banana leaf for.

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This step-by-step guide shows you how to make banana leaves into boats for cooking or for beautiful Asian food presentations.

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This classic Mexican dish of pork shoulder and spices uses a double-layer of banana leaves for cooking, but the thick, fibrous leaves are not edible.—Daniel.

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Around the world, wherever bananas grow, cooks have devised ways to use the giant leaves, wrapping them around foods both savory and.

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Steaming in banana leaves is surprisingly simple. It's very similar to cooking en Papillote, the French technique of parceling food into.

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Types of bread often served with banana leaf meals include chapati, khakras, If you are eating from a communal platter, finish what you have before going.