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So have you ever wanted to build a small boat like robot that swims towards light, that's what this Instructable is all about. Arduino Uno or other Arduino compatible board. Connect a Wire from the Ground pin on the Arduino, to the Negative rail farthest from the sensors.

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Make a Swimming Robo-Snake: Sneel is the name of my snake / eel swimming robot. This is documentation of hardware, software and mechanical design of.

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This year has been full of robots that swim, so here is a small collection OpenROV is a Do It Yourself telerobotics community centered around.

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Today we introduce you a robot fish that is able to swim and recognize tank edges and obstacles. We'll find out how we can easily create it with.

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Engineers have created a soft robot that does not rely on a motor to propel shifts again -- making them potentially capable of swimming on.

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The key to an efficient swimming robot is understanding the tiny whirlpools fish push against as they move.

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AQUA, an underwater swimming robot, has been adapted to take to instruct underwater robots, but the AQUATablet allows them to make up.