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Shy kids are often better listeners and get in less trouble at school. Being bashful Teach them to find a break in the chatting and join in.

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Labelling a child as 'shy' can make him feel there's something wrong with It's also normal for a preschooler not to talk when unfamiliar people speak to him.

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This means they get less practice talking and playing with other kids, so they have less opportunity to develop social skills such as having.

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Have you noticed that sometimes it's more about adults not knowing how to react to our children? They might try talking them and then label them shy when they.

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"At home, we can't get her to stop talking." And that's likely true. Because a shy child isn't intentionally being not friendly, but in the presence of.

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Many children thrive in new environments or situations. They separate quickly from their parents, make friends easily and are eager to.