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Arrow symbols alt codes and unicode html arrows, including down arrow, up arrow, right arrow, left arrow symbol codes, learn how to make an arrow icon. Arrow Pointing Downwards Then Curving Leftwards, &#x;. ⤷, Arrow Pointing .

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People who type -> probably don't know that if you type --> you get the default By default --> will be changed to a light right-pointed arrow.

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List of Alt Codes for entering arrow symbols. Arrow Symbols ALT Codes. Alt Code , Symbol. Filled Arrows. Alt 16, ▻. Alt 17, ◅. Alt , □. Alt 30, △. Alt 31, ▽.

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Right Arrow. →. U+ UNICODE North West Arrow. ↖. U+ UNICODE . Double Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark. «U+AB. UNICODE .

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To insert a right arrow, type two hyphens and a greater than sign: —>; To If you just need an arrow, this keyboard method is quick and easy.

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Lastly, type in one of the two keys seen just to right of the letter 'm' on the keyboard to create the arrow head. For a arrow pointing to the left use the key right next.

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Typing "-->", for example, will get you a thin black arrow pointing to the right, while typing "pointing to the left. To see a list of.

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Adding a Wingdings arrow to a document, email or instant message is fast and easy and there are Press the "A" key to create a 3-D arrow pointing to the right.