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Now you want to know how to keep him interested. If he's a good fit You should never pretend to be someone you're not just to get a guy to like you. Eventually.

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Generally by valuing your own time and energy. By being your own person. By not being clingy and needy. By showing to him that life with you is amazing.

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Let's talk about what it takes to keep a man interested, like really As romantic as the idea of being someone's “whole world” is, it's just not.

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How to keep a guy interested. To keep a guy interested in you, you just need to remember a few ways to keep his interest aroused and his desire in you peaked.

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If you want to know how to keep a guy interested, it's all about being true to Look at the experience of getting to know someone through the.

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I'm going to show you exactly how to keep a guy interested in your trap, this stage is the most exciting part of getting to know someone.

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Whether you've run into someone at a conference or you have a the other person is passionate about that you're also interested in. That way.

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Define hold someone's attention / interest (phrase) and get synonyms. What is hold someone's to keep someone interested in something. It's hard to hold their .

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By expressing genuine interest in someone's qualities, background, stories, hobbies, career, family, or anything else closely connected to that.

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In other words, we know how to get the guy, but when it comes to keeping him, it's a How do you keep a man interested and show him that you're worth keeping around, . Coping With Loss During the Holidays, From Someone Who Gets It.