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You can save a lot of time sewing sequins by machine with these 2 easy methods Most sequin trim does not stetch but you can also purchase stretch trim best.

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Previously I've sewn on sequin trim (in a strip) by zigzagging over it with matching thread. Use a stitch that will stretch if you are putting the trim on a knit. If the project is a costume for the stage, I machine sew no matter.

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Sequin trim adds sparkle and fun to a costume, but sewing it on by hand is a time -consuming task. Instead, apply the trim using your sewing.

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You can use the sewing machine to attach the trim with a wide zig zag stitch; If you have a sequin foot or braiding.

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I've sewn with it a few times and it is not without its challenges. Sequin fabric can be stretchy (hello, ice dancing costume!) or not and you'll.

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What's the best way to go about attaching stretch sequin trim to a Is this possible to use my machine on? or am I going to have to hand sew?.

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Sequin trims come in a variety of configurations—from a single line Check with your sewing machine dealer for a special foot used to guide sequin trims. to feed the sequin trim through while you stitch over it with a wide.