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You can download PM to your sd card, on your USB loader enable the edit: oh you're already USB loading, Project M will work just like.

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Hey Amino! This is another guide on how to play Project M. This time PAL users can play too! It's a.

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OK, so I tried lokking it up on Google, but with no luck. Does anybody know how to load Project M from a USB drive instead of SD card? My card.

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more memory more games? you can put other games on the usb (and the brawl file) but leave PM files on the SD card. You must log in or.

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To install the Project M files first need to download this file: Load up USB Loader GX, usually through the channel on your home screen or the Homebrew.

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Just follow these instructions to install Project M and play it without hacking your Wii. You can't use a USB drive without homebrewing your Wii, which is a.