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Meet Alexa, YouTube's most awesome French teacher! New French Lessons ▻ Every Week! Check out my exclusive UNLISTED videos on my website.

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Learn French language online with Alexa Polidoro, the Internet's favourite French teacher, from Here's what Alexa's pupils think of her French lessons.

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In this lesson, we look at the French alphabet and some common French adjectives. You will continue learning basic French grammar and forming French.

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I'm a real French teacher who has been working in schools and private classes across London for the past 20+ years. I know, I don't look a day over 25!.

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Contact Details. Learn French With Alexa Ltd - Registered in England No. Address: 5 WHITE OAK SQUARE, LONDON ROAD, SWANLEY, BR8 7AG.

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As well as learning French through our online courses, subscribers have exclusive access to Alexa's bonus live French lessons (+ support guides) which are.

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French for Beginners. French with Alexa Lesson 15 is presented by the talented Alexa Polidoro from After many years of developing.

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People from all over the world enjoy learning how to speak French with Alexa's popular French lessons. They're fun, friendly, and stress-free! In this course.

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French with Alexa - Lesson 5. French for Beginners French with Alexa Lesson 5 is presented by the talented Alexa Polidoro from