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In which year was snowflake one of Collins Dictionary's words of the year? Was it person who gets offended too easily and unnecessarily.

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And to offend means to make somebody angry or upset. Tim Let's hear now from Business Professor Erin Meyer talking about how easy it is to misunderstand why .. Take a hike with Alice and Neil and learn new vocabulary.

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Memes are repeated images that can help you learn English vocabulary. There are many websites that help you easily make your own memes, like ImgFlip .. the way you say things carefully so that you don't offend any group of people.

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English can be quite a funny language and people can be offended However, in a list of words to potentially avoid, this one takes the cake.

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20, English words? That's a lot of words, but don't worry! USA Learns makes learning English vocabulary easy and fun. We will help you be successful.

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a befitting English word for someone who is always easily offended. We should look to the past to learn from it, not destroy our future.

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Now, please read the following five English words with the corresponding Do you think you could easily blend them into sentences as you speak? I hate to.